Serpens Main Trial 13E Flags

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2012-07-31              c0924I.3E_88Serpen.13   5.3   A
                                [2012-07-31 08:57]JMC : Astronomical passband has low signal
                               to noise on narrow band channels, but data can be calibrated
                               using noise source. Better yet, the 3c279 passband
                               observations from trial 12, taken immediately before trial 13
                               (but accidenttally aborted), can be used. Apacity increased
                               by 10-20% in last hour, but still reasonable for summer
                               conditions. High gains on most 3.5m antennas, which I cannot
                               explain and the PI needs to look into. If this is real, then
                               most of the 3.5m antennas are essentially worthless. But for
                               now, I am going with the quality weather grade.


 * Associate this with trial 12E
 * Was started (not restarted) after 12E was accidentally canceled. 

 * C20 and C21 lost if using 3c279 for bandpass calibration
 * C13,14,15 recovered with uvbflag
 * HCO+ single channel rms ~0.8/0.65/0.8 Jy/bm


 * C6 had Tsys consistently higher than the rest.
 * I flagged calibrator and serpens data from trial 12 due to bad weather, although it would be recoverable. 
 Shaye's flagging seem to give pretty the same rms for the continuum and the HCO+ maps. 
 * RMS cont   : 9.2/8.3/9.4
 * RMSHCO+ : 0.8/0.7/0.8



select='ant(21),time(02:00:00,03:11:24)' #no coherence
select='ant(20),source(3c279)' #no coherence


select="ant(6,20,21)" # no coherence and high tsys
select="time(02:23:38,03:40:00) # high gains
select="ant(2),time(07:48:36,07:52:35)" # high gains
select="ant(5,15),time(08:14:53,08:18:49)" # high gains
select="ant(16,18,19),time(07:44:33,08:41:55)" # high gains
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