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For help on editting Wiki content, see  
For help on editting Wiki content, see  
the [ User's Guide].
the [ User's Guide].
=== Instructors ===
=== Instructors ===

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This is the wiki entry for the CARMA Summer School July 11-18, 2010. Individual talks will be posted here and you are free to post additional notes, comments etc. The participants in the 2010 Summer School will be listed below.

You can edit this wiki once have created an account for yourself and logged in. Use the "log in/create Account" link above right. For help on editting Wiki content, see the User's Guide.


Melvyn Wright (UCB)
Dick Plambeck (UCB)
Marc Pound (UMD)
Doug Friedel (UIUC)
Nikolaus Volgenau (OVRO)
John Carpenter (CIT)
Peter Teuben (UMD) [remote]


Swarnima Manohar (CIT),
Thiago Goncalves (CIT),
Mislav Balokovic (University of Split/CIT),
David Fisher (UMD),
Rodrigo Herrera Camus (UMD),
Katie Jameson (UMD),
Ben Westbrook (UCB),
Zubair Abdulla (Chicago),
Felippe Navarrete (Max Planck),
Rie Miura (U Tokyo),
Adele Plunkett (Yale),
Jason Speights (NM Inst of Mining and Tech),
Tim Weinzirl (U of Texas),
Manuel Merello (U of Texas),
Thomas FOK Kai Tung (U of Hong Kong),
Marc Royster (Northwestern),
Zubair Abdulla (Chicago),

Local Organizing Committee

Mary Daniel (OVRO)
Cecil Patrick (OVRO)
Terry Sepsey (OVRO)

Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ written by Mary Daniel is here.

Travel Arrangements

Air and Land Directions to CARMA

For travel by air there are a number of options - Las Vegas; Los Angeles Area: LAX, Burbank, Ontario; Reno; Inyokern, and Mammoth Lakes. Most of these require a 4 to 5 hour drive to get to CARMA from the airport. The exceptions are Inyokern (airport code IYK) and Mammoth Lakes (airport code MMH) which are small regional airports near the Owens Valley. Only United flies to IYK (via LAX) and there are 2 flights a day. From IYK, it is about a 2 hour drive to CARMA (rental cars from Avis and Dollar available). Mammoth Lakes Airport is one hour north of OVRO and also has a few flights per day from LAX, with Enterprise rental cars available. See here for details.

Detailed driving directions to OVRO and CARMA from Los Angeles, Reno, and Las Vegas are here.

What To Bring If You Are Camping

Since all meals will be at the control building, the only essential camping equipment is a sleeping bag and a mat. The sleeping bag need not be very warm, since nighttime temperatures will be above freezing. Students who prefer to have a tent to themselves should plan on bringing a tent. Tents will be provided for those who don't mind sharing. We'll do a poll for who needs what, once the accommodation choices are settled.

The campground reserved for the School is Nelson Campground; its entrance is about 1 mile west of the entrance to the CARMA site on the opposite side of the road from CARMA.

When you arrive, check in at the CARMA Control Building to let the observers know you have arrived, to pick up any gear you have reserved and to get directions to the campsite.

Other Things You May Want To Bring

Flashlight, bug spray, plastic coffee mug, sunglasses, windbreaker, hat with brim (for sun), sweater, rainjacket, water bottle, binoculars for star gazing/ birdwatching, camera, and good walking shoes.

The Hike

Our traditional post-summerschool hike is to Second Lake, in the Sierras above Big Pine. We start from the Glacier Lodge trailhead at about 9 am, reach the lake about Noon, and get back to the cars by about 3:30 pm - making it possible to return to Pasadena, Berkeley, or Las Vegas late that night. The hike is about 10 miles round trip with 2500 feet of elevation gain. Last year some of us pushed on farther, to Sam Mack Meadow, but were turned back by a thundershower. Some photos from last year's hike are here.

Shared Rides

Use this wiki table to coordinate shared rides. Give your name, your flight details, how many you can accomodate, and special notes such as whether you will be toting camping gear. For help on editting wiki tables, see this page
Gender will be used to match up shared dorm/tent accomodations. Also please let us know any dietary restrictions since CARMA is providing most of your meals

Participant Travel Information
Name Gender Airport Arrival
Driving? Camping? If Camping, can you bring:
Tent? / Sleeping Mat?
Notes Dietary Restrictions
Joe Example M LAX Jul 11 / #1234 / 10am Jul 19 / #4321 / 2pm Y Y N/Y I can take 3 riders. I only eat cookies
David Fisher M Berkeley Not flying (will be in Berkeley) Not flying (returning to Berkeley) N N ... I am looking for a ride from anyone going through the SF Bay Area. vegetarian (dairy, eggs okay)
Swarnima Manohar F Pasadena July 11 July 17 N N ... Ride to CARMA from anywhere around LA/Pasadena. Vegetarian mostly. Chicken is ok too.
Thiago S. Gonçalves M Pasadena July 11, driving July 17 Y N ... Probably driving my own car, with room for 3-4 more; Would rather not camp since I recently broke my collarbone
Thomas Fok M LAX July 11 / CX882 / 1425 July 17 / need shared ride back to SF N Y sleeping bag I can't drive. Looking for a shared ride from LAX. no preference
Jason Speights M LAS July 11 / Southwest # 1687 / 12:40 pm July 17 / Southwest # 1009 / 5:30 pm Y N ... I'll have room for 2 passengers. None
Rie Miura F LAX July 11 / SQ12 / 1255 July 18 / SQ11 / 1445 N N ... Sharing ride with Thiago Gonçalves. No preference
Marc Pound M Las Vegas July 11 / Southwest #1188/ 1250 July 19 / Southwest #3309 / 0835 Y Y Y/Y Returning to Vegas 7/18; Taking Adele and Zubair. Vegetarian (dairy, eggs ok)
Adele Plunkett F Las Vegas July 11 / LAS Delta 1529 / 1:09 pm July 17 / LAS Delta 2050 / 5:00 pm N Y N/Y Looking to share a ride to/from Las Vegas Vegetarian (dairy, eggs ok)
Katie Jameson F BUR July 10 / AA1877 / 2:30pm July 18 Y Y Y/Y Will be driving up July 11 from Pasadena and returning to Burbank at 11AM on July 18. Should have room for 1-2 people. cow's milk allergy (not severe)
Mislav Balokovic M Pasadena July 11 July 17 N Y sleeping bag Coming and leaving with Thiago Gonçalves. vegetarian
Tim Weinzirl M SFO July 11 / AA 1077 / 9:20am July 17 / AA 2578 / 4:45pm Y N Driving from San Fransisco International. Room for 1 more passenger. No preference
Melvyn Wright M Berkeley July 11 / none / ~10am July 17 / none / late pm Y Y Would like ride to CARMA. Return with Dick on 17 July No preference
Manuel Merello M SFO July 11 / AA 1077 / 9:20am July 17 / AA 2578 / 4:45pm Y N Driving from San Fransisco International. No preference
Rodrigo Herrera M BUR July 10 / AA1877 / 2:30pm July 18 / AA1045 / 1:10pm N Y N/Y Sharing ride with K. Jameson No preferences
Dick Plambeck M Berkeley July 7 / 7 am July 17 / late Y Y Y/Y Driving my car on the 7th for NSF visit, then staying through the summerschool; return Sat evening, after the group hike No preferences
Felipe Navarrete M LAX July 10 July 18 N Y sleeping bag Sharing ride with Katie Jameson No preferences
Doug Friedel M LAS July 7 / Delta 2223 / 9am July 15 / Delta 2344 / 1am Y N No preferences
Marc Royster M July 10 July 18 N Y Y/Y Carpooling with Katie Jameson No preferences
Ben Westbrook M NA July 11 July 17 N Y Y (1 person tent)/Y Riding with Manuel Morrello, Tim Weinzirl, and David Fisher from SFO airport None
John Carpenter M NA July 7 July 17 Y N None
Zubair Abdulla M LAS July 11 / Southwest 505 / 1105 AM July 18 / Southwest 1056 / 730 PM N Y N/Y Looking for a ride from and back to Las Vegas No pork


You are encouraged to bring your own laptop; a few desktops will be available for student use. Wireless access will be available; if you require a cable ethernet connection please let Marc Pound know. We will have a switch with 6 ports and 6 ethernet cables. If more than six people need cable ethernet, you'll have to share! MIRIAD is the data reduction and analysis environment. You should try to install it before arriving at the school. It can be installed on Linux and Mac. Sorry, we don't support cygwin. See the Miriad wiki page for details on installing; if you have questions contact Peter Teuben (


Electricity will be supplied at 120V, 60 Hz, using outlets accepting "American-style" parallel flat-pronged plugs.

Network Info, Logging in, Directories etc.

CARMA has two networks, public and private:

  • public - accessible to outside world ( ==, located primarily in the valley at OVRO
  • private – not accessible outside OVRO (carma.pvt), located entirely at Cedar Flat
  • 54 Mbps microwave link between Cedar Flat and OVRO

The wireless ESSID at Cedar Flat is GUEST

Logging in

The main account for observers is obs

  • To log in to Cedar Flat computers from outside you must first log in to the firewall:

ssh -X

Then hs will log you into the high site.


We have an AIM chatroom used by observers and staff: carma


Printing from the GUEST network: there are two printers and The first is a color printer, the second is black and whitel

Scratch Space

Summer School space is /opt/summerschoolscratch. You may create your own subdirectory for reducing data or whatever.

cd /opt/summerschoolscratch

mkdir yourname

The Memo

As in previous years, the class with author a CARMA Memo with the results of your observations. I have created a master LaTeX file in /opt/summerscratch/memo/school2010_master.tex. You should include your writeup in this file using the latex \include command. There are more detailed instructions on the file itself. The easiest thing is to put all your text and figures in a subdirectory, e.g./opt/summerschoolscratch/memo/yourname. Please use the latex \ref and \label commands to indicate figures and tables so Marc doesn't have to go through and renumber all the figures and tables!

Example memos from previous years :




Planning Your Observing Project

The CARMA telescope is designed as an aperture synthesis telescope. There are two receiver bands: 3 mm and 1 mm. A basic aperture synthesis observation makes an image the size of the primary beam (λ/D ~1 arcmin at 100 GHz; 0.5 arcmin at 230 GHz) with a resolution corresponding to the maximum separations of the 15 antennas. During the Summer School, CARMA will be in the most compact E configuration, with an angular resolution ~10 arcsec at 100 GHz, and ~4-5 arcsec at 230 GHz. Your observing project should be achievable in a 3-4 hours time. Detection experiments are discouraged since we want you to get some actual data to play with. It is likely that some students will be paired up on observing projects. Project ideas will be discussed on the first day of the school with the first observation intended for that night.

Proposed Agenda


Lectures and Handouts and Useful Links


Introduction to Millimeter Interferometry (All of Mel's Lectures; 23MB) (Mel Wright)

Introduction to CARMA Computing (Marc Pound)

Introduction to MIRIAD (Doug Friedel)

Correlator Signal Processing (Dave Hawkins)

Creating observing scripts (John Carpenter)

Reducing CARMA data (John Carpenter)

Script to reduce CARMA uv data (John Carpenter)

Script to produce CARMA images (John Carpenter)

Hardware-1 (Dick Plambeck)


Web-launched version of Real-Time Displays (RTDs)

CARMA Summer School Proposal Submission System

Observing Script Creator

Correlator Graphical Setup tool

Sensitivity Calculator

Exit Survey

In order to help us improve the CARMA Summer School experience, we ask that you please fill out this Exit Survey at the end of the week. Thanks!

Photos: Picasa Web Album

We've created a Picasa Web Album and encourage you can share your photos from the school!

There are two ways to upload images to this album:

1) Log in as (password summerschool2010) and upload.

2) Upload by email. If you send email to

with the Subject line as "2010" your photos will be put into the 2010 album. (up to 20MB of attachments allowed).

Alternatively you can put a caption in the Subject line and the photo will be put in the DropBox album and can be moved later to the 2010 album.

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