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(Shared Rides)
(Shared Rides)
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  Alex Lockwood  N/A    07/12  N/A  afternoon      07/18  N/A  morning    N    driving from Pasadena, can take ~2    N N
  Alex Lockwood  N/A    07/12  N/A  afternoon      07/18  N/A  morning    N    driving from Pasadena, can take ~2    N N
Rui Xue  ?    07/11  ?  ?      07/18  ?  ?    Maybe    ?      N  Y
== Computers ==
== Computers ==

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This is the wiki entry for the CARMA Summer School July 12-18, 2009. Individual talks will be posted here and you are free to post additional notes, comments etc. The participants in the 2009 Summer School will be listed below.

For help on editting Wiki content, see the User's Guide.



Melvyn Wright (UCB)
Dick Plambeck (UCB)
Marc Pound (UMD)
Douglas Bock (OVRO)
Nikolaus Volgenau (OVRO)
John Carpenter (CIT)

Local Organizing Committee

Mary Daniel (OVRO)
Cecil Patrick (OVRO)
Terry Sepsey (OVRO)

Travel Arrangements

Air and Land Directions to CARMA

For travel by air there are a number of options - Las Vegas; Los Angeles Area: LAX, Burbank, Ontario; Reno; Inyokern. Each of these requires a 4 to 5 hour drive to get to CARMA from the airport. The exception is Inyokern (airport code IYK) which is a small regional airport in the Owens Valley. However, only United flies to IYK (via LAX) and there are only 2 flights a day. From IYK, it is about a 2 hour drive to CARMA (rental cars available).

Detailed driving directions to OVRO and CARMA from Los Angeles, Reno, and Las Vegas are here.

What To Bring If You Are Camping

Since all meals will be at the control building, the only essential camping equipment is a sleeping bag and a mat. The sleeping bag need not be very warm, since nighttime temperatures will be above freezing. Students who prefer to have a tent to themselves should plan on bringing a tent. Tents will be provided for those who don't mind sharing. We'll do a poll for who needs what, once the accommodation choices are settled.

Other Things You May Want To Bring

Flashlight, bug spray, plastic coffee mug, sunglasses, windbreaker, sweater, rainjacket, water bottle, binoculars for star gazing/ birdwatching, and good walking shoes.

Shared Rides

Use this wiki to coordinate shared rides. Give your name, your flight details, how many you can accomodate, and special notes such as whether you will be toting camping gear.

Name         Airport          Arrival                 Departure        Renting     Notes               If Camping...
                       Day    Flight   Time       Day   Flight Time     Car?                         Can you bring:
                                                                                                     Tent? (Y/N) Sleeping Mat(Y/N)?
Mr. Example   LAX      07/11  1776     noon       07/20  1777  noon       N     can take 2 in car           Y   Y
Chat Hull    N/A      07/12   N/A     morning    07/18  N/A   morning     ?     carpooling from Berkeley      Y   Y
Laura Lopez  N/A      07/12   N/A   afternoon     07/18   N/A   morning   N    driving from Santa Cruz, room for 3     N N
Alex Lockwood  N/A     07/12  N/A  afternoon      07/18   N/A  morning    N    driving from Pasadena, can take ~2    N N

Rui Xue  ?     07/11  ?  ?      07/18   ?   ?    Maybe    ?      N  Y


You are encouraged to bring your own laptop; a few desktops will be available for student use. Wireless access will be available; if you require a cable ethernet connection please let Marc Pound know. We will have a switch with 6 ports and 6 ethernet cables. If more than six people need cable ethernet, you'll have to share! MIRIAD is the data reduction and analysis environment. You should try to install it before arriving at the school. It can be installed on Linux and Mac. Sorry, we don't support cygwin. See the Miriad wiki page for details on installing; if you have questions contact Peter Teuben (


Electricity will be supplied at 120V, 60 Hz, using outlets accepting "American-style" parallel flat-pronged plugs.

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