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  Dan Welty      RNO    6/22  AA 1331  12:00    6/28  AA 1750 13:10    Yes    not hiking on 6/28
  Dan Welty      RNO    6/22  AA 1331  12:00    6/28  AA 1750 13:10    Yes    not hiking on 6/28
Masayuki Fukuhara  LAS 6/17  UA 6479  21:05    7/01  UA 891 12:59    Maybe No  Camping and hiking                        Y      Y
== Computers ==
== Computers ==

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This is the wiki entry for the CARMA Summer School June 21-28, 2008. Individual talks will be posted here and you are free to post additional notes, comments etc. The participants in the 2008 Summer School are listed below.

For help on editting Wiki content, see the User's Guide.


Katherine Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Joe Converse (University of California Berkeley)
Megan Roscioli (University of Chicago)
Nicole Hasler (University of Alabama)
Stephanie Cortes (University of Arizona)
Shane Bussman (University of Arizona)
Timothy Davis (Oxford)
Josh Goldstein (University of Maryland)
Sarah Graves (Cambridge)
Masayuki Fukuhara (University of Tokyo)
Mike Anderson (Cal Tech)
Jithin George (University of Maryland)
Reiko Momose (University of Tokyo)
Josep-Maria Masque (Barcelona)
Alvaro Sanchez-Monge (Barcelona)
Amanda Heiderman (University of Texas)
Timothy Morton (Cal Tech)
Dan Welty (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
David Hogg (Exeter)
Lei Zhu (Peking)


Melvyn Wright, Dick Plambeck (UCB)
Marc Pound (UMD)
Douglas Bock, Dave Woody (OVRO)
Jin Koda, John Carpenter (CIT)

Travel Arrangements

Directions to CARMA

For travel by air there are a number of options - Las Vegas; Los Angeles Area: LAX, Burbank, Ontario; Reno; Inyokern. Each of these requires a 4 to 5 hour drive to get to CARMA from the airport. The exception is Inyokern (airport code IYK) which is a small regional airport in the Owens Valley. However, only United flies to IYK (via LAX) and there are only 2 flights a day. From IYK, it is about a 2 hour drive to CARMA (rental cars available).

What To Bring If You Are Camping

Since all meals will be at the control building, the only essential camping equipment is a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag need not be very warm, since nighttime temperatures will be above freezing. It would be helpful if students who are not flying would bring sleeping mat and tent if they have them. We will purchase enough tents and mats for others. We'll do a poll for who needs what once the accommodation choices are settled.

Other Things You May Want To Bring

Flashlight, bug spray, plastic coffee mug, sunglasses, windbreaker, sweater, rainjacket, binoculars for star gazing/ birdwatching, and good walking shoes.


We can only take cash or checks written in US dollars. Students can pay for food (and dorms/cottage if applicable) at the time or we will invoice them afterwards. Those staying in motels will pay the motels directly at the time of the visit.

Public Transit between Bishop and Reno

A bus runs Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri. The link to the schedule is below.

Shared Rides

Use this wiki to coordinate shared rides. Give your name, your flight details, how many you can accomodate, and special notes such as whether you will be toting camping gear.

(Note you need an initial space on the line to get the gray box).

Name         Airport          Arrival                 Departure        Renting     Notes                               If Camping...
                       Day    Flight   Time       Day   Flight Time     Car?                                          Can you bring:
                                                                                                                    Tent? (Y/N) Sleeping Mat(Y/N)?   
Marc Pound     IYK     6/22   UAL5434  11:55     6/28  UAL5434 12:15    Yes     Camping; not hiking on 6/28                Y      Y 

Tim Davis      LAS     6/21   KL6711   23:09     6/29  KL6776  13:55    Maybe   Hotel room booked in Las Vegas for 6/21, 
                                                                               travelling to CARMA 6/22.

Steph Cortes   LAX     6/22   SW3232   10:20a    6/29  SW3337  18:40    Yes     Camping and hiking                         Y      Y 
Jithin George  LAS     6/21   UAL1549  10:20a    6/29  UAL1565 7:15a    Yes     Hotel room booked in Las Vegas for 6/21, 
                                                                               travelling to CARMA 6/22.
Alvaro Sanchez LAS     6/20   AA 0135  18:30     7/03  AA 0134 20:30    Yes    Hiking on 6/28.
                                                                               We will book a hotel in LA for 6/20 and
Josep-Maria Masque LAS  6/20  AA 0135  18:30     7/03  AA 0134 20:30    Yes    Hiking on 6/28.
                                                                               The same as Alvaro Sanchez.
Dan Welty      RNO     6/22   AA 1331  12:00     6/28  AA 1750 13:10    Yes    not hiking on 6/28
Masayuki Fukuhara  LAS 6/17   UA 6479  21:05     7/01  UA 891 12:59    Maybe No  Camping and hiking                         Y      Y


You are encouraged to bring your own laptop; a few desktops will be available for student use. Wireless access will be available; if you require a cable ethernet connection please let Marc Pound know. MIRIAD is the data reduction and analysis environment. You should try to install it before arriving at the school. It can be installed on Linux and Mac. Sorry, we don't support cygwin. See the Miriad wiki page for details on installing; if you have questions contact Peter Teuben ( He is also maintaining a Miriad2008 todo list where you can find out what the status of the summerschool software is.


Electricity will be supplied at 120V, 60 Hz, using outlets accepting "American-style" parallel flat-pronged plugs.

Observing Scripts

An example CARMA observing script is shown cs016_orion.obs. These scripts will observe your science target and all of the calibrators.

The script is organized into parts. The first part of the script contains options that you can edit according to your science program. The second part of the script begins after the line "Main part of the script", and executes the commands to observe your calibrators and science target. This part of the script should not be edited unless you need to customize your observing program.

The observing scripts can be created using the CARMA script writer. During the summer school, we will explain each part of the observing script.

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