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If you want to install Miriad on your laptop, this is what we will likely support:

  • linux
  • Powerbook Mac (PPC laptop) - 10.3 perhaps, and 10.4
  • MacBook (Intel laptop) - 10.4

Although reports on some success under cygwin have been reported, we will not have the resources to fix any Windows related problems if you plan to use cygwin.

You will need to have pre-installed on your laptop:

  • a C and Fortran compiler (gcc, g77 preferably, though gfortran or even g95 are known to work)
  • X11 and X11DSK (or the relevant -devel packages in linux).

Please send Peter the output of the following commands:

 which gcc
 gcc -v
 which g77      (if does not exist, try gfortran or g95)
 g77 -v
 uname -a
 ls /usr/include/X11

If g77 does not exist, try gfortran or g95, or even f77.

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