Re-install an existing Miriad version

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If you have problems with your current binary version, e.g. missing shared libraries, you might have to re-install this version (or just install from source).

In order to do Miriad maintenance, you will need to use the mirboss alias, which adds the system commands in Miriad to your path:

 % mirboss

Re-link programs

The simplest approach is to assume a re-link is all you need. Try this:

 % mir.prog itemize
 % itemize

and see if that still gives a shared library problem.

Wrong compiler

It could be that you don't have the compiler (or even path) that was used in the binary. Edit the file in $MIR/localsys/compile.HOSTTYPE and try to recompile a program:

 % edit $MIR/localsys/compile.darwin
 % mir.prog itemize
 % itemize

Mishap with pgplot

In one case, a gfortran based install did not want to recompile the library in $MIRLIB because that compiler was a bit older and did not know how to compile the GIF driver. Edit the $MIRLIB/drivers.list file and comment out the two GIDRIV occurences. Then recompile as follows:

 % mir.install pgplot subs prog

and check your recent log files in $MIR/tmp

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