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If you talk to any random CARMA observer, you may have heard the word pipeline. Well ,there are several pipeline, in three families:

  • the real-time CARMA pipeline, which most people never have to deal with. The RTS group has this under control, and it runs in real-time to make sure your data comes out the right way. This has been operational since 2007.
  • the Illinois data reduction pipeline is intended to automatically add reasonably well calibrated and reduced (maps) data. You can find more about this see [[1]]. It is based on MIRIAD and was released on Sep 23,2011.
  • the drPACS pipeline, MIS Scripts pipeline and EGN pipeline were intended to help groups reduce large amounts of similar data. Although they live in their own CVS repository, they were derived from each other. The first drPACS pipeline was used Summer 2009. In 2013 the AStute project clones MIS and created TAS. Some new capabilities were added to TAS which might be good to port back to MIS and EGN some day.
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