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[[(Working) Key Project Team]]
[[Latest News]] - latest news on N1333 data reductions
[[Latest News]] - latest news on N1333 data reductions

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The current members of the NGC1333 collaboration are

  • UMD: Lee Mundy, Peter Teuben, Demerese Salter, Shaye Storm, Maxime Rizzo, Marc Pound
  • UIUC: Leslie Looney, Katherine Lee
  • UCB: Dick Plambeck
  • CIT: Andreea Petric, Nikolaus Volgenau, Andrea Isella
  • Yale: Hector Arce, Adele Plunkett


Latest News - latest news on N1333 data reductions

Raw & Calibrated Data - Links to data tar files

Data Summary - This page is intended to contain details on each trial, e.g. bad antennas, flagged data

Scripts - Data reduction, mapping, analysis, and helper scripts (MIS)

Maps - Links to calibrated maps

Discussion - page for general discussion of issues.

ToDo - To-do list

Papers - Links to relevant papers for our project

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