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Unless you have a seperate install of [[1]NEMO], this package can be easily installed using a script in MIRIAD:

  mir.install nemo

There's no support in the old-style install.

ASCII tables

ASCII tables are frequently produced by the output of MIRIAD programs. Sometimes non-tabular human readable and needs to be commented out before being piped into the table programs, e.g.

 tabcomment - | tabplot - 

FITS files

8-bit and 64-bit FITS files cannot be read by MIRIAD's fits program, but sometimes you can use the fitsccd/ccdfits pair to convert, and use fitsedit to edit the header. If that doesn't work, fitshead and scanfits can be used to separare the header and data, edit the header and paste them back. E.g.

  fitsccd moon8.fits - | ccdfits - moon.fits 

for a simple conversion if you don't care about the WCS. If you do, NEMO's ccd format is not rich enough (silly theoreticians) and some tricks are needed:

 fitshead moon8.fits > moon8.h
 scanfits moon.fits moon.d select=data
 $EDITOR moon8.h                                 # at least need to edit BITPIX to -32, the default in fitsccd

now catenate the two, but the header needs to be properly formatted in records of 80 char/line and recordsize a multiple of 2880

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