Miriad on Windows

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Of course you would be nuts to run miriad natively on windows, it has been shown to compile ok under cygwin. However, the I/O layer between cygwin and windows performs quite poorly for MIRIAD, so we cannot recommend this route for any serious work.

If you do not want to create an alternate boot on your machine, the next best thing is to use your Windows machine as a glorified xterm, using ssh (see e.g. [1] for links to PuTTY and MindTerm).

Virtual PC

Here is a report from James Lamb on his usage of Virtual PC:

FYI, I have recently installed Miriad on my PC. I have a 64-bit dual-core laptop running Vista64 Pro with Virtual PC 2007 installed. One of the virtual machines has CentOS installed and that runs Miriad fine.

The virtual machine display is only 800x600 and there is a slight problem with the cursor, so I log into the VM with X-Win32 (exactly as I do for labacc), and get the full screen size for the desktop.

Virtual PC is a free add on from Microsoft. X-Win 32 is a commercial package but Caltech has a site license. I'm sure that any X-Windows server would work though.

I do not know if this would work on a Home edition of Vista, but I suspect it would.

There are a couple of details that you need to get right to connect to the VM over TCP/IP, but it is not too complicated.

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