Miriad binary releases

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Binary releases

See [1]. Local versions can also be found on kern.ovro.caltech.edu:/export/miriad at OVRO.

  • miriad_ia32: linux IA-32 (i386..i686)
  • miriad_ia64: linux IA-64 (amd64...)
  • miriad_ppc: darwin_ppc, compiled with gcc 4.3.0 and g77 3.4.6 from HPC, for MacOSX 10.4.8 (Tiger)
  • miriad_intel: darwin_intel, compiled with gcc 4.3.0 and g77 3.4.0 from HPC for MacOS 10.4.8 (Tiger)

Untar the file and edit the two miriad_start scripts to reflect the location on your system e.g.

 % tar zxf miriad_ARCH.tar.gz
 % emacs miriad_ARCH/miriad_start.csh      <--- adjust the path for $MIR
 % emacs miriad_ARCH/miriad_start.sh       <--- adjust the path for $MIR

Now source the appropriate startup file, depending on your shell, and miriad should now be usable in your shell. You can also make this permanent by adding this to your ~/.cshrc or ~/.bashrc file.

It is quite possible that shared libraries on your system are not compatible with the ones in our binary releases. If so, you should try an installation from source. Or be brave and re-install this version.


Each binary release is CVS enabled, albeit via the CVS anonymous account. This means you can cvs update your source tree and obtain new code, but not randomly edit and expect the merge to be successfull. If this all means nothing to you, we will cover this at the Party. However, here are some examples of fairly common modifications:

0) Update your miriad source, first checking what is new on the server

 % cd $MIR
 % cvs -nq update                <-- check that only two maxdim header files are tagged 'M' as locally modified
                                     anything like U is good, anything else M or C is bad.
 % cvs update                        Update the code

1) modifying a subroutine

 % mirboss
 % edit $MIRSUBS/fitsio.for
 % mir.subs fitsio

Caveat: on linux shared libraries are used, on Mac not yet, so all binaries would need to be rebuilt on Mac:

 % mir.install prog

2) modify a program

 % mirboss
 % edit $MIRPROG/convert/fits.for
 % mir.prog fits
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