Miriad binary releases

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Binary releases

See [1].

  • miriad_ia32: linux IA-32 (i386..i686)
  • miriad_ia64: linux IA-64 (amd64...)
  • miriad_ppc: darwin_ppc, compiled with gcc 4.3.0 and g77 3.4.6 from HPC, for MacOSX 10.4.8 (Tiger)
  • miriad_intel: darwin_intel, compiled with gcc 4.3.0 and g77 3.4.0 from HPC for MacOS 10.4.8 (Tiger)

Untar the file and edit the two miriad_start scripts to reflect the location on your system e.g.

 % tar zxf miriad_ARCH.tar.gz
 % emacs miriad_ARCH/miriad_start.csh      <--- adjust the path for $MIR
 % emacs miriad_ARCH/miriad_start.sh       <--- adjust the path for $MIR

Now source the appropriate startup file, depending on your shell, and miriad should now be usable in your shell. You can also make this permanent by add this to your .cshrc or .bashrc file.

It is quite possible that shared libraries on your system are not compatible with the ones in our binary releases. If so, you should try an installation from source.

Installation from Source

In a nutshell grab the (CVS enabled) source code, and run the install script. If that fails, you should consult the more detailed installation guidelines.

Step1: grab the code

  curl ftp://ftp.astro.umd.edu/progs/bima/miriad.tar.gz | tar zxf -
  wget -O - ftp://ftp.astro.umd.edu/progs/bima/miriad.tar.gz | tar zxf -

Step2: install using your own compiler


This shell script does have some optional arguments, but you should not need to supply any.

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