Miriad Meeting 28 October 2010

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On October 28, 2010, preceding the Blitz65 fest, a number of MIRIAD developers plan to get together in Berkeley to discuss present and future of MIRIAD.

Place and Time

Campbell Hall, October 28th, time TBD. room TBD.

In addition to being on the phone, remote developers might want to look into some screen collaborative tool. VNC comes to mind, but the MMM group has been using YuuGuu. OpenMeetings might be another alternative?


  • Steve Croft
  • Douglas Friedel (telephone)
  • Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill
  • Gordon Hurford
  • David MacMahon
  • Jim McTiernan
  • Peter Teuben
  • Peter Williams
  • Mel Wright
  • Jun-Hui Zhao (telephone)

Potential Agenda Items

please add your favorite items and if you want/can present something on this

  • recent developments ( wcslib, fft, using gpu parallel processing... )
    • wcslib - peter T
    • fft / fftw
  • build methods
    • old style - peter T
    • new style - Peter W
  • ATCA coordination
  • SMA status
  • wrappers and user interfaces ( pythonization, user tasks and scripts....)
    • we have a LOT of python interfaces
  • memory management on large datasets - Steve
  • CASA and MIRIAD interfaces - Peter T
  • pipelines (e.g. drpacs, cf. recent mmm disucssion] - Peter T
  • Strategic plan for MIRIAD (AKA "MIRIAD in the Age of CASA and Giant Datasets")
  • Organizing the MIRIAD community - Peter W
    • Centralizing websites, mailing lists, installation instructions, etc.
    • Quantifying the userbase
    • Ties in to the myriad Python interfaces, ATCA coordination, strategic plan, etc
  • Old sleeping projects
    • regression tests with and without real telescope data
    • scripts to run many-channel mapping & deconvolution in parallel - Peter T
    • BIMA compatibility (e.g. listobs, gmake-routines)
  • Miscellaneous items we rather not talk about?
    • autotools vs. cmake (CASA is now using cmake), any other popular options?
    • abandoning CVS? use SVN/trac? or git? or....
    • requiring Fortran-90 style?
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