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  Katherine Lee          .
  Katherine Lee          .
  Joe Converse            .
  Joe Converse            .
  Megan Roscioli          .
  Megan Roscioli          windows only laptop
  Nicole Hasler          .
  Nicole Hasler          .
  Stephanie Cortes        Macbook Intel / 10.4.11  [uses fort77 and gcc 4.0.1]
  Stephanie Cortes        Macbook Intel / 10.4.11  [uses fort77 and gcc 4.0.1]

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This list entails the work needed to update relevant MIRIAD information and produce a DVD with the relevant software (source and binaries where available) for the CARMA 2008 summerschool. Target of completion: June 1. Ask Peter Teuben if there is something you need ahead of schedule.

  • website: CARMA/miriad
    • carmacookbook updates
    • PDF of a freshly built users guide [done may 20]
    • PDF of a freshly built programmers guide
    • HTML tree of task list
  • miriad
    • zeno and hkuvplt type programs (jin koda) [ZENO now allowed to be distributed w/ Miriad]
    • updated users and programmers guides (see above)
  • DVD (a copy will be placed on chara.astro.umd.edu:/chara3/teuben/carma-summer-school-downloads, some of the items below cannot be placed on our ftp site of course, but there will be a copy available on site.
    • Source code (anonymous CVS enabled, but with configure pre-compiled)
    • Binary releases: (note each architecture has its own sets of requirements what tools and libraries need to be installed)
      • linux-32bits (fedora7/fedora9/centos5.1/mandrake10.1/ubuntu7/ubuntu8)
      • linux-64bits (centos5.1/mandrake10.1)
      • macosx 10.4.xx PPC (slug5 at peter's home)
      • macosx 10.4.xx Intel (lap111.astro.umd.edu)
      • macosx 10.5.xx Intel (strasbourg machine)
    • Ancillary programs (in binary) added, but will need to be installed by the user:
      • ds9 and xpa tools (these are actually added to $MIRBIN)
      • xplore (needs wish [tcl/tk tool] and ...)
      • tkrun
      • karma (separate)
      • rtd (CARMA java based RTD tools)
      • intel compiler (linux only, astromake hierarchy) - version 10.1.015, 32bit and 64bit.
      • gnu compilers for mac (gcc/g77/gfortran, from HPC sourceforce)
      • Xcode/gfortran plugin for mac (new, not tested yet)
      • gnu compilers for linux (source only)

Computer List

Name                    Computer / OS / Memory / Speed / Disk                
Katherine Lee           .
Joe Converse            .
Megan Roscioli          windows only laptop
Nicole Hasler           .
Stephanie Cortes        Macbook Intel / 10.4.11  [uses fort77 and gcc 4.0.1]
Shane Bussman           .
Timothy Davis           new Macbook / 10.5 / 2GB / 2.4 GHz / 160 GB (delivery by June 7)
Josh Goldstein          .
Sarah Graves            .
Masayuki Fukuhara       .
Mike Anderson           . 
Jithin George           new Dell, to arrive early June?    - backup plan: old Dell 8200
Reiko Momose            mac laptop / 10.5.2 / 4GB / gcc 4.0.1, g77 3.4.3
Josep-Maria Masque      Toshiba / 512M / 
Alvaro Sanchez-Monge    PC / Fedora 6 / 2 GB / 
Amanda Heiderman        .
Timothy Morton          . 
Dan Welty               none ; but might get new one:  Linux or Mac?
David Hogg              .
Lei Zhu                 .
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