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== Latest news ==
== Latest news ==
('''July 2, 2012''') mosmem fixed for 64bit, fixed in version 1.5
('''June 27,2012''') fits would not work on 64bit, now fixed in version 1.21
('''June 27,2012''') fits would not work on 64bit, now fixed in version 1.21

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There is of course an official Miriad web page though we also maintain more timely notes in this Wiki tree:


Latest news

(July 2, 2012) mosmem fixed for 64bit, fixed in version 1.5

(June 27,2012) fits would not work on 64bit, now fixed in version 1.21

(June 16,2012) The MAC versions are confusing: the 10.5 build is 32bit, the 10.6 is currently broken (because we built on 64bit with a 32bit compiler), but the 10.7 is ok and just for 64bit. Hang on while this is being repaired.

(June 13,2012) We are preparing for the new 4.3.4 (school12) release of MIRIAD. This version is available in binary form for some Linux/Mac versions: [1]. Notable changes are:

  • new WCSLIB from the ATNF group (4.13.4)
  • better memory management on Mac 64-bit (notable if you have > 4GB)
  • handling the new bfmask UV variable that CARMA now produces
  • polarization calibration routines (xyauto)
  • more advanced planet models for calibration (marstb, but talk to fluxcal team if you plan to use them)
  • incoorporated the just released ds9 V7.0 with 3D capabilities
  • enhanced MIS pipeline with many example scripts
  • many many bugfixes and enhancements, some updates to manuals

Some of these make an incremental update tricky, we recommend a fresh reinstall.

Latest news on releases : miriad 4.3

Obtaining and Installing Miriad

Special Projects

Several projects related to MIRIAD are underway that experts ought to know about. Here we list them, not all have been documented in much detail yet.

  • PACS: some MIRIAD upgrade notes around PACS. Here is a drPACS teaser. But the N1333 project uses a clone of drPACS Scripts called MIS.
  • python based scripts (e.g. hemosi)
  • ruby based scripts - ATA
  • hkmiriad: writing your program in C

Mailing lists

User Tips

For some programs just the program documentation is not sufficient, here we assemble some tips and shortcuts

  • mirds9 : viewing images with ds9
  • velplotc : making position-velocity slices
  • tvflag : flagging visibility data (the 8bit display problem)
  • performance : tips to improve MIRIAD performance

Developer Miscellany

Various MIRIAD links

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