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* [[carma data reduction links]] contain some user contributed recipes
* [[carma data reduction links]] contain some user contributed recipes
* [[CASA support]] (formerly AIPS++)
* [[CASA support]] (formerly AIPS++)
* [http://www.astro.umd.edu/~teuben/miriad/cvs.html CVS] for CARMA/BIMA

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There is of course an official Miriad web page though we also maintain more timely notes in this Wiki tree:


Obtaining and Installing Miriad

Special Projects

Several projects related to MIRIAD are underway that experts ought to know about. Here we list them, not all have been documented in much detail yet.

  • PACS: some MIRIAD upgrade notes around PACS. Here is a drPACS teaser.
  • python based scripts (e.g. hemosi)
  • ruby based scripts - ATA
  • hkmiriad: writing your program in C

Mailing lists

User Tips

For some programs just the program documentation is not sufficient, here we assemble some tips and shortcuts

  • mirds9 : viewing images with ds9
  • velplotc : making position-velocity slices
  • tvflag : flagging visibility data (the 8bit display problem)
  • performance : tips to improve MIRIAD performance

Developer Miscellany

Various MIRIAD links

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