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Getting started

How to kiss a girl / boy? (Tips for first kiss how to kiss)

Usually, people at the farewell kiss dry lips, and you kiss her/his inner part of wet lips (mouth slightly ajar, but when the break Bay, between the upper and lower lips, there is language, the language of touch her cheeks) and you move lips and tongue at the same time!

Kiss should not be a vacuum. It should look like touch.

I learned from the girl who went to farewell kiss on a circle of guys and it made me such a kiss as described above, and the other guys usual farewell kiss. This is very cool and exciting signal works mega effectively remembered for a long time.

Here I leave with you an article I found quite interesting about how kiss in the best way: We have been written to try to describe that thing instinctively, that even thousands of animals of the terrestrial fauna are driven to perform: the kiss.

Here we will give you an explanation step by step how to kiss and how to kiss properly, but the first thing you should know is that there is no magic formula, but as much as a good kiss depends on the precise timing and respond to those needs. This article will give signals as indicated, how to attract, what are the stages of the kiss and how to do it romantically, without desperate acts.


One of the reasons why it is ruined by a kiss is the lack of time to which it is given. It is impossible to ask a girl or a boy if we can kiss her or the only way to advance our movement is to body language. Go to our little closer towards her mouth while intermittently possums our eyes on the eyes and lips. That would send a clear signal of our intentions. If not now, the person you will also know his body language (to be tilted slightly backward, or will turn your face), otherwise it will still be waiting to receive the kiss or it will come to you.


Your lips must rely on the lips of another person with sweetness and smoothness. Whenever possible do this with my eyes closed, slowly. Open your eyes to look at the person, it is important to read in the eyes of another effect that has caused the kiss. Come back later if slowly, and not as slow as the first contact, and give it another kiss. This new kiss us take the next step.


A passionate kiss does not mean that we must become crazy and explore every cavity of the mouth of another person. The right thing to do is open your mouth a little bit and make our language, the first of intermittent and slow, and then in a more long and deep. The first kiss says a lot about us so it must be a magic moment, perfect. You must transmit to the other person a positive impression of ourselves. Do not ruin everything for a moment of desperation. And later on you'll have time to do everything that your body is crying out to you.


The kiss, if circumstances permit, may charge more intensity through body language. Move the head of one side to another while kissing is one way. You can also take the hands of another person and intertwine fingers, or in addition to carrying a hand behind the nape of your boy or girl and hold her head while the kiss. All these gestures as decoding passion or intensity. They serve to support the work of your mouth in the act of kissing. But keep in mind that all these tricks should be used if the person that accompanies these paces you. But maybe you should leave it pair even more intimate moment.

The form of kissing is also personal and characteristic of each.

It may happen that the form of two people kissing is compatible or incompatible.


The last test used to determine if they want, how I wish we generate in the other person. All described on this page to make sure learned how to kiss. But maybe you want to use this trick to see what happens in your girl or boy, who has led our kiss, or kisses, as we want. The technique consists of the following: while you're passionately kissing the other person.

First remove the tongue, then the lips and then leaves your face but only an inch from the face of your boy or girl. Do all this slowly, softly. Let your lips just floating a few centimeters from the lips of another person and wait. If he or she wants to close his mouth to say, clearly, that your kiss has come to an intimate fiber, just one point. You can not stop, does not want you to stop. This trick will give us the final verdict on the way we kiss and what it generates.

The seduction is the art of finding the unique beauty of each woman, and the compliment is the externalization of that purpose. It is a way of saying, I've searched inside yourself, I have seen your real me, I am delighted and I think we're the most beautiful creature of ..

For those interested in information about kissing and kissing The art of kissing How to kiss 01-04 hay Go to YouTube and look for The art of kissing How to kiss 01-04 there are four videos of professionals who explain the kisses kisses up to 30 different videos are very good and anyone interested in education should see them kisses.

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