MIRIAD/CARMA data issues

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From time to time there are data related issues at CARMA for which a peculiar MIRIAD procedure is needed to fix or flag the data. They will all wind up in the cookbook, but for timely reference, they will appear here first.

Bad planet variables after a noise change? bug695

Uncovered Dec 21, 2008: When a planet is observed after a noise source, the CARMA system changes the source name and delays, but not the info related to the planet header. This is done later, and there can be a delay that the planet header variables show up in miriad. 15-20 secs is not uncommon. Depending on your integration time you can wind up with 0's or fractional values for the 4 planet variables (plmaj, plmin, plangle and pltb) in the first of first few integrations. You can either flag them or better, use puthd to write fixed values for the planet variables. There is a script, fix_planet, available for this.

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