L1451 Trial 1SLDE Flags

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2013-02-07             c0924V.2D_88B1E.SL.1    7.4     A
                                [2013-02-08 16:08]WSM : C19 RX bad.  Radio pointing offsets uncertain
                                                               (e.g., some BIMA and SZA antennas affected).  Need
                                                               to apply baseline solution in post-processing.
                                                               Weather was OK.[ Mon Feb 11 22:10:17 2013 UT ] S.
                                                               Warren : see SL trial.[ Mon Feb 11 22:15:08 2013
                                                               UT ] S. Warren : see SL trial.


* Need baseline solutions to be applied in processing. DONE MARCH 7TH. 
* (These antennas still do not have good bl solns: C8, C9, C14, C15, C18, C19 --- old)
* Radio pointing on 3.5-m very suspect -- flag C17, C18, C21, C22 due to amp drift on 3c84
cont rms: box1~5.5 mJy/bm ; box2~7.2 mJy/bm
HCO+ single channel rms: box1~417 mJy/bm ; box2~547 mJy/bm
(before baseline corrections
cont rms: box1~7.5 mJy/bm ; box2~9.5 mJy/bm)



apfile = 'antpos.130217' NEEDED!
select='ant(19)' #bad Rx state
select='ant(17,18,21,22)' #bad pointing 
select='source(3c111),time(01:08:50,01:09:30)' #bad amp
select='source(3c84),time(22:35:00,22:54:30.0)' #bad amp
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