Installation from source

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Installation from Source

In a nutshell grab the (CVS enabled) source code, and run the install script. If that fails, you should consult the more detailed installation guidelines.

Step 1: grab the source code

  curl | tar zxf -
  wget -O - | tar zxf -

Step 2: install using your own compiler


This shell script does have some optional arguments, but you should not need to supply any.

Step 3: Source the appropriate startup file, depending on your shell, and miriad should now be usable in your shell. You can also make this permanent by adding this to your ~/.cshrc or ~/.bashrc file.

For example, for a csh style shell

  source miriad_cvs/miriad_start.csh

will add miriad to your current (csh) shell.

Hacking Miriad

An example of hacking a routine where a user ran into a program that had some kind of obvious problem. In this example we assume the user has write permission in the $MIR tree.

 % smauvspec ....                         # oh oh ... program crashes for probably simple reason
 ### Fatal Error:  Buffer overflow(points), when accumulating plots
 % mirboss                                # become more powerful miriad boss (to make mods)
 % cd $MIRPROG/sma                        # go to where the action is (yes, you'll have to know that)
 % cvs -nq update smauvspec.for           # for sanity, check if there is no update
 % cvs update smauvspec.for               # if there was, probably good idea to update
 % mir.prog smauvspec                     # sanity check: make sure it still compiles
 % edit smauvspec.for                     # make your changes in your favorite editor
 % mir.prog smauvspec                     # compile your version, it will be in $MIRBIN
 % cd-                                    # go to where you were working....
 % smauvspec vis=.....                    # check it out

If the user had no permission to write inside the $MIR tree, you could still work around this if your local friendly miriad hacker is not available:

 % cp $MIRPROG/sma/smauvspec.*  .         # make a local copy of the two files you need
 % edit smauvspec.for                     # edit it
 % mirmake smauvspec                      # uses template makefile. The "debug" command ok as well
 % ./smauvspec vis=...                    # test your local version explicitly
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