Helpful non-miriad tools

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Here are some useful tools you could install to help you with miriad data reduction:

  • ds9: to display images and datacubes (and visbricks using uvimage). Miriad has a mirds9 script to load miriad images directly into a running ds9. You can download binaries from [1], but remember to also install the xpatools!
  • karma: advanced visualization for image data cubes. You can download binaries from [2].
  • gman: gnome (GUI) based Unix man page browser for $MIR/doc/man pages (alternative to mirhelp and help in miriad shell). It is hard to find now, but there are alternatives available. For MacOSX there is a different program with the same functionality. Alternatively, one can browse the html pages created from the doc files (sometimes out of date). And if all else fails, there is always the mirhelp/help command in the unix/miriad shell!
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