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The GLUE project also maintains a WIKI page.

User changes

  • your new home directory will be /homes/$USER, and is limited to 100MB and lives on backed up computers in OIT. Note that your old $USER and new GLUE $USER name don't need to be the same, but you will not be able to share data between the two. They are completely different users on a completely different computer set. This means all data disks will need to have their user permissions changed.

Some system issues to be resolved

  • there is no root access, each user that was given root permission can run "su"
  • there is no rsync server running, which combined with the previous item, make our current RAID backup system a bit tedious to re-implement.
  • where can things like /astromake go.
  • cross-mounting all astro disks (the /n map, as well as the /backup map)
  • mysql (for mediawiki and other things?)
  • convert astro $USER to glue $USER permission. Kevin has a perl script.
  • users who want to keep a special local home directory on a given machine?

Things we can keep

  • mail server
  • web server (but you cannot use $HOME/public_html, on the webserver we'll need some $USER space)
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