Fedora 9 casa install

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Lots of issues on the first run, the obvious ones can be fixed with standard yum, e.g.

  • qwt (claims to need 5.1.1, but 5.0.2 ok?)
  • lapack & blas
  • cfitsio
  • xerces-c

Below $c refers to the root directory where casainit.(c)sh lives

Here are some harder ones I am in the middle of:

  • cpgplot.h : pgplot doesn't come with that, used NEMO's install script and placed in $c/code/include (although that directory has only convenience symlinks)
  • pgplot: although NEMO's pgplot.install script was used, fortran compiler is g77, and makedefs might need to be changed, unless we prefer gfortran now. I installed it within casa
  • pgsbox: this comes from wcslib (I used 4.3.1), but installing it within casa appears cumbersome, installing libwcs simple, but libpgsbox is more involved
  • std::time not valid, neither is iostream.h : g++ V4.3.0 too new?
  • fftw: some issuu remaining, though i have installed fftw2 and fftw (v3)
  • compiling asdmCasaSaxHandler runs out of memory? 2GB not even enough? compiler issue?
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