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In our small anonymous ftp area you can find the following datasets:

  • fringe.3C273.2008jun18.4.miriad.tar.gz : a simple example of a fringe check. We frequently run this test after the system has been changed (software as well as hardware) to confirm CARMA is still producing proper fringes. Although it is a short observation, you can map it and confirm the point source. A script fringemap (optionally to be used with tkrun) can be used the excersize these data.
  • c0104I.8D_115NGC4254.2.miriad.tar.gz : a single track mosaicing observation of M99, one of the galaxies in the STING project (Bolatto et al.). This particular track was also used at the 2010 NRAO summerschool and is being using in a comparison of datareduction in CASA and MIRIAD. See also scripts in $MIR/examples/STING to excersize this data.
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