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Much like the NGC1333 project, we will be using a clone of the Scripts MIS pipeline for the EGNoG survey. These wiki pages will contain the technical information you need in order to calibrate incoming CARMA data, and hopefully also some neat analysis scripts/programs. There is a new description of the EGN pipeline for EGNoG.


Latest news: March 2013: the data is now readied to made it available for public use. Watch this space for a link to the CarmaDataLibary

If you have installed EGN, the command wget_rawdata will help you create a local repository of the raw CARMA data. For example, the command

 wget_rawdata go=1 magic=foo_bar

will synchronize all the miriad compressed tar files to your current directory. This directory, is the rawdata= value you will need in the getdata script in the pipeline itself. You will need to get the magic foo_bar from one of your collaborators.

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