CLASSy Data Summary and Inspection

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Each observation will end by sending an email with the title Project c0924: CARMA track finished, and should contain two attachments: the c0924_XX_YYYY.obs (observing script) and scriptlog.txt (observing log). Peter will save these in MIS, download the data, and initialize MIS with a default mis.uvflag file for anybody to start the initial data summary and inspection. For this to work, you will first have to update your MIS with the new files, so you can grab the the new data and work on that.

MIS Notes

  • flags file for do_uvflag are in mis.uvflag

Typical procedure to retrieve and modify flags in a project directory:

 mis -u  (or:   (cd def ; cvs up)  since the pipeline maintains a symlink to $MIS/def/$project)
 pipepar -c
 <edit the mis.uvflag>
 mis -i  (or:   (cd def ; cvs ci))


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