CLASSy Data Summary and Inspection

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Each observation will end by sending an email with the title Project c0924: CARMA track finished, and should contain two attachments: the c0924_XX_YYYY.obs (observing script) and scriptlog.txt (observing log). Peter will save these in MIS, download the data, and initialize MIS with a default mis.uvflag file.

MIS Notes

  • flags file for do_uvflag are in mis.uvflag

Typical procedure to retrieve and modify flags in a project directory:

 mis -u  (or:   (cd def ; cvs up)  since the pipeline maintains a symlink to $MIS/def/$project)
 pipepar -c
 <edit the mis.uvflag>
 mis -i  (or:   (cd def ; cvs ci))


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