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Driving back from CARMA's Science Symposium, Nurur, Rodrigo, Marc and Peter being a very captive audience, decided to get more understanding of CASA. With the impending availability of the carmafiller for CASA, we will be able to read CARMA MIRIAD data directly into CASA, calibrate, map and visualize our data. We are planning to get together once a week and ramp up a few things and get an understanding of CASA and MIRIAD.

Schedule : Friday 3pm

In order to learn CASA, we would like to learn two things first: the Measurement Equation, and how this applies to MIRIAD. We will meet Friday afernoons for this Fall 2009 semester.

  • nov 6: read HBS1 (paper 1) and Appendix E from the CASA cookbook. See also [1] and be prepared to be a discussion leader (shotgun approach)
  • nov 13: more discussion of the M.E. based on paper 1 and Appendix E
  • nov 20: MIRIAD tutorial (for those who haven't worked with MIRIAD)
  • nov 27: Thanksgiving Weekend
  • dec 4: Paper 2 - journal club style; be prepared to discuss it
  • dec 11: Finalize on writing the equivalence of Appendix E for MIRIAD: what do mfcal, selfcal etc. mean in ME terms
  • dec 18: CASA - part 1
  • dec 25: Christmas


  • Peter's CCC pages with papers, background material etc.: [2]
  • /astromake/opt/casa/casa_cookbook.pdf (pages 384-388 is Appendix E)
  • astromake: "astroload casa" will make the command casapy available, that's how you start CASA
  • CASA homepage: [3]
  • CASA Wiki Guide (with some information about CARMA data importing via FITS): [4]
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