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Loading CASA in your shell

On the UMD computers we use the "astroload" command to load CASA (in fact, it can load older versions as well). If astroload is not a recognized command, you will need to add "astromake" to your shell, e.g. put

  source /astromake/astromake_start.csh

to your .cshrc file (and the .sh variant if you use bash)

After this you could ask what versions of CASA are available:

   astroload -i casa

and there might be quite a few. The first one is the default, viz.

   astroload casa

but if you prefer another version, try

   astroload -v 421 casa

Advanced notes

  • The directory /astromake/opt/casa has all the root directories, the symlinks for our aliases, and a file called VERSIONS which versions we support.
  • The casapy command normally is the way you want to start up casa. There are a few optional arguments, which you can learn about using the common --help argument. They are:
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