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As of November 2008, CASA (Patch 3, version 2.3.0, build 6693) supports heterogenous array data. At Maryland the command astroload casa will give you a new command casapy that will start the CASA software package. Usually the most recent version, but in case of doubt, check with the command astroload -i casa which versions are available. We also keep a copy of the cookbook in /astromake/opt/casa. We also keep a copy of the Observing Tool in astromake. No need to astroload anything, just type


  • bimafiller will be upgraded to a filler in order for CARMA data to be imported into CASA. This work started early 2009 (see Peter Teuben for details). Workplan:
    • Installing Developer CASA (now split in casacore and casa code)
    • casacore needs an updated mirlib to deal with 2GB+ files
    • bimafiller vs. mirfiller: migrate to the new task importmiriad
    • handle carma, sma etc. data
    • The test version of casa (astroload -v test casa) will support the carmafiller program to convert your miriad data into a CASA measurement set, but currently in your working directory you need a symbolic link to the ephemeris tables in CASA:
   ln -s $CASADATA/geodetic data
   carmafiller vis=foo.mir

where the $CASADATA environment variable was set by astroload, other versions of CASA may not have this set.

  • fits mosaic table in order to read mosaiced image data into CASA

Installing CASA

Several versions are available. For linux pick the latest from:

  • stable : [1]
  • prerelease : [2]
  • monthly : [3]
  • release : [4]

See also the casaguides wiki, and don't forget to download the CASA Cookbook

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