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The CARMA cookbook outlines various procedures to calibrate and analyse CARMA data using miriad. Although miriad is a general purpose package for radio interferometers, much like for other instruments like SMA and ATCA, there are CARMA specific procedures and programs. Readers are assumed to also have a copy of the MIRIAD Users Guide handy. There are also some helpful non-miriad tools that you should consider installing.


The most recent draft can also be created from the MIRIAD source code distribution. The author appreciates comments, but it will be useful to remind him which version you are commenting on. For insane reasons the draft is in the MIR5 branch of miriad, in $MIR/manuals/carma-cook if you want to edit. You can also conveniently just add this directory/branch combination in a main version of Miriad with:

   cd $MIR/manuals
   cvs up -r MIR5 carma-cook
   cd carma-cook

If you have obtained a fairly recent CVS enabled distribution of MIRIAD, it will have the carma-cook directory already enable in the right branch (or look at the CVS/Tag file)


Here are a set of links useful if you are doing data-reduction. You will also find them scattered throughout the cookbook and are reproduced here for your convenience:

Example scripts

Although the cookbook will have annotated scripts for example cases of CARMA data reduction using MIRIAD, the list below is meant to encourage readers to submit their own.

  • We keep a directory containing several sample CARMA datasets and scripts to show calibration and mapping. Some of these are discussed in the cookbook as well.
  • Example 1: example of a strong calibrator observed in wide and narrow mode, in order to calibrate the phase offset between wide and narrow. During the source a weaker calibrator in wide mode is then observed. This procedure works well if we can assume that the phase offset between differenent correlator modes does not depend on time. The cookbook has an elaborate example of a procedure where we do not assume this.
  • Example 2: a full data reduction example for observations of the molecular clouds in the NGC604 region of the Local Group galaxy M33, submitted by Alberto Bolatto ( The script has detailed comments.
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