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We have started to implement an autoconf based installation for Miriad. We refer to this as the new build style. Briefly, after the source is in place, the install proceeds as follows:

   setenv LIBTOOLIZE glibtoolize       (only needed on MacOSX)
   ./                        (only needed if you didn't get a tar ball with configure and
   ./configure --prefix=`pwd`/build    (this prefix is the suggested way of using it)
   make                                (might need an extra -i flag if certain build options fail)
   make install                        (might also need the -i flag again)
   install/make_miriad_starts          (this creates a backwards compatible set of miriad_start scripts in $MIR)

after this, users can add Miriad to their shell by using

   source automiriad.csh 

or using the backwards compatible (created by make_miriad_starts)

   source miriad_start.csh

For more information see also the file $MIR/install.MIR

A few things are currently not working yet:

* hkmiriad/zeno
* some issues with (latex based) building of the manuals
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