AStute Installation Notes

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The notes should mirror closely those of the MIS and EGN Scripts, after which some of the code has been modeled. You will need a CVS account (or use anonymous), much like MIRIAD and NEMO, which you will both need to have installed, as well as CASA.

  cvs -d :pserver:$ checkout astute
  cd astute
  source astute_start.csh

This will define the $ASTUTE environment variable, and embedded the tas (the mis clone) pipeline commands, via the $TAS environment variable.

The command


will remind you which packages you have installed. At the current stage, you will need CASA, MIRIAD and NEMO.


Using AStute is still a running target. In its full glory you currently need CASA, MIRIAD, NEMO and another independent python with astropy and a few other mostly common friends installed. Check out the README files in astute/data, and the CHANGES file in astute for relevant information.


To get started on the example 8 fits files from N253, place them in $ASTUTE/rawdata/n253 from [1]

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