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The following testdata (better described in ADMIT/doc/testdata.txt) are available (in Maryland in /local/ftp/pub/data/data/, via ftp on [1]

  • EGNoG - 26 moderate-z CO tight cubes, 9 good cases of those are in testdata.txt
  • n253 - old 2013 versions
  • n253-v2 - new 2015 cubes, but cut to 1/4 central size and with noisy/bad edge channels. This is still awaiting resolution on the possible aliasing problem. Note the .c.fits file are 341x341x1000+ but have bad edges, the .ce.fits files are 341x341x956
  • cycle1,2,3 - various ALMA Cycle1,2,3 datasets, cherry picked for testing
  • EDGE - a CARMA survey of 125 galaxies (only for collaborators)
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