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ADMIT, the Alma Data Mining toolkIT, is the official name of this funded ALMA Development Project, and covers May1, 2014-May 1, 2016. An ALMA Development Study (2012-2013) preceded this project , you can find that information under the old name, AStute



The ALMA Data Mining Toolkit (ADMIT) is a value-added software package which integrates with the ALMA archive and CASA to provide scientists with quick access to traditional science data products such as moment maps, and with new innovative tools for exploring data cubes and their many derived products. The goals of the package are to (1) make the scientific value of ALMA data more immediate to all users, (2) create an analysis infrastructure that allows users to build new tools, (3) provide new types of tools for mining the science in ALMA data, (4) increase the scientific value of the rich data archive that ALMA is creating, and (5) re-execute and explore robustness of the initial pipeline results.


You should also find these document in our (currently CVS) code repository.

  • ADMIT Proposal , a redacted version of the proposal submitted in 2013.
  • Python Coding Standards (CASA)
  • ALMA_Pipeline_Archive_Ingestion (v1.1 is current)

Discussion of BDP structure


Here we describe some sample input data sets (FITS cubes) that ADMIT has been tested on (ALMA, CARMA, EVLA, ...). Some of these need a username/password, if they fall within the proprietary period of the corresponding observatory. ADMIT will produce a series of Basic Data Products (BDP) out of these. ADMITData


For now, follow the AStute Installation Notes, but replace the word astute with admit. To grab an egg, look at [1]. this is now out-dated

We have an hourly buildbot running, with sphinx documention refreshed as well.

Other Code

Here we describe CASA codes related to ADMIT. Older code can be found under the AStute project.

  • CARTA (ErikR et al.)
  • MAGIX (ascl.1303.009) (Schilke et al.) ([2])
  • ARTIST (Jorgenson et al.) contains IVAN
  • radio-astro-tools [3] (AdamL et al.)
  • Vissage [4], also presented at ADASS 2012 and 2013
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