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== ADMIT Code ==
== ADMIT Code ==
For now, follow the [[AStute Installation Notes]], but replace the word ''astute'' with ''admit''
For now, follow the [[AStute Installation Notes]], but replace the word ''astute'' with ''admit''. To grab an '''egg''', look at [].
== Other Code ==
== Other Code ==

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ADMIT, the Alma Data Mining toolkIT, is the official name of this funded ALMA Development Project, and covers 2014-2015. An ALMA Development Study (2012-2013) preceded this project , you can find that information under the old name, AStute



You should also find these document in our (currently CVS) code repository.

  • ADMIT Proposal , a redacted version of the proposal submitted in 2013.
  • Python Coding Standards (CASA)
  • ALMA_Pipeline_Archive_Ingestion (v1.1 is current)


Here we describe some sample input data sets (FITS cubes) that ADMIT has been tested on (ALMA, CARMA, EVLA, ...). Some of these need a username/password, if they fall within the proprietary period of the corresponding observatory. ADMIT will produce a series of Basic Data Products (BDP) out of these.


For now, follow the AStute Installation Notes, but replace the word astute with admit. To grab an egg, look at [1].

Other Code

Here we describe CASA codes related to ADMIT. Older code can be found under the AStute project.

  • new Viz project (ErikR et al.)
  • MAGIX (ascl.1303.009) (Schilke et al.) ([2])
  • ARTIST (Jorgenson et al.) contains IVAN
  • python integration project (AdamL et al.)
  • Vissage [3], also presented at ADASS 2012 and 2013
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