Serpens South Trial E2 Flags

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2012-08-23               c0924.4E_88Serpen.2   5.2   C
                                [2012-08-23 11:14]TP : First two hours before rain storm hit
                               may be useable.


* Tau ~ 2.8. RMSpath ~ 580. Worsen during the second half of the track.
* Only box 1 was observed.
* Observed 0102+584 as bandpass calibrator (it has a flux of ~4.9Jy at 3mm). 
   Although it's useful for the continuum windo, it was not enough to do bpass on narrow windows.
* Observed MWC349 as fluxcal calibrator. The flux for 1743-038 was of 3.37, 
   about 15-20% below the flux measured during the Serpens Main tracks with other
   flux calibrators. 
* C7 was missing.
* C17 was uncorrelated for the first half of the track ~(02:30,04:30).
* For the narrow bands, I achieved to do the bpass calibration using the noise source,
  although the correction is not so good.
* RMS continuum: 0.11 Jy/beam
* RMS window 4 (empty channels): 1.1 Jy . km/s /beam


* uvcheck var=systemp range=0,1000        # outliers
* select="ant(7,17)"                                     # missing and uncorrelated antennas
* select="time(04:30:00,07:12:00),-source(mwc349,0102+584)" # bad weather
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