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2012-07-19              c0924I.3E_88Serpen.8   3.2   C
                                NODE_NOT_FOUND[ Thu Jul 19 09:21:30 2012 UT ] Observer :
                               Running checksafe.
                                [2012-07-19 11:19]LR & VR : The script crashed earlier
                               because of an antenna collision; no time has been subtracted
                               to the project. Despite no fluxcal was observed during the
                               track, these data might be usable if the flux on 1743-038
                               could be measured on another track of this same project.


-tau: 0.65-0.80 
-rms path: 300-600
-No flux calibrator observed (3.88 used for 1743-038, as measured the previous day)
-It seems only box 2 was observed (?)
-C5 had TSYS problems and there were a couple of peaks in tsys at about 5.05, 5.25, and 7.05 to 7.35
-Last 2 integrations on serpens were not surrounded by a calibrator observation
-C16,C18 and C19 had higher gains and I flagged C18 and C19 since they're the outermost antennas and 
  do not contribute to the shorter baselines


* box 3, 2, and partial 1 were observed
* there was a collision in the middle of box 1 
* something is screwy with my narrow band calibration -- seeing lots of spikes in amp with uvspec
* the wideband looked fine: got cont rms ~11/11/9 



* select="ant(5,18,19)"  # high tsys and gains
* select="time(07:05:00,07:35:00)" # no calibrator observed after that 
* select="time(06:44:00,06:52:00)" # tsys peak
* select="time(05:04:00,05:08:00)" # tsys peak
* select="time(05:26:00,05:29:00)" # tsys peak


(still looking)
select='ant(5)' #tsys 
select='time(05:58:59.5,06:03:01.0)' #bad wideband  phase solution
select='ant(18,21)' #bad in narrow band
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