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c0924V.3D_88Serpen.11   5.4   A
                                [2012-06-09 10:19]Katherine L. : - The weather was good. -
                               Data looks good.


  • 3c279 shows high Tsys on C1. However one can use the data to find out the bandpass even on C1.
  • C16 and C19 show higher phase gains (~1.2). I tried flagging those antennas, but the final continuum map has lower SNR than the map without flagging.
  • SZa baselines (particularly C16 and C18 baselines) and baselines involving SZa antennas have worse bandpass solutions (higher scatter both in phase and amplitude) than those using the continuum band. This is specially bad for window 1. Is it worth to do some flagging?


  • Agree that the 3.5-m bandpass solutions look noisy in the narrow bands. Might be a good time to make a quantitative assessment of bandpass solutions to address the previous cases where C22 and C18 had bands that looked noisy. This is the worst case by far though!

Though .... more general point brought up by Andrea and Peter .... do we even need to bandpass calibrate the 8 MHz bands? They do look rather flat.

Actually, I think the BP solution is so bad for those baselines because we are using 1743-038! It is too faint. We need to use the noise source.


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