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Task PI Due Date Finished? Notes
run do_uvcat3 after applying current wiki flags to mis.uvflag files Peter oct y tmp
update track flags after do_uvcat3 reveals problems and finalize mis.uvflag files Manuel oct y tmp
create table of refants for each track Manuel Oct3 y tmp
how to best weigh uvdata in CARMA23 mode?  ?  ? tmp
decide how to best bandpass calibrate narrow bands (use NOISE for all tracks for consistency? 3c279?) oct y tmp
properly implement NOISE source bandpass calibration in MIS Peter oct-nov tmp
properly implement unmasking of (usable) shadowed data in MIS Peter oct y tmp
make sure uvbflag working for tracking and shadowing in MIS Peter  ? tmp
create final uv data set MIS/Manuel oct-nov partially tmp
do continuum subtraction Manuel oct y tmp
implement averaging of OFF positions for SD mapping Peter  ? tmp
decide on best trials/ants to use in SD maps Manuel Oct y tmp
update SD processing in MIS for CLASSy era Peter  ? tmp
make final/best SD cubes for each molecule Manuel nov tmp
HCO+ joint deconvolution Manuel oct-nov tmp
HCN joint deconvolution Manuel nov tmp
N2H+ joint deconvolution Manuel nov tmp
(don't use 10m-3.5m baselines) Manuel oct-nov
make moment0 and moment1 maps in miriad Manuel nov tmp
spectral line fitting for improved moment1 and for moment 2 tmp
statistic of hyperfine fluxes and ratios for N2H+ and HCN tmp
comparison to herschel maps Katherine nov-dec tmp
comparison to YSO population (Spitzer, WISE) Katherine nov-dec tmp
details on a few YSO/core regions Katherine nov-dec tmp
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