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Link to Adam's recollections of my early reduction stages:

Path to Alissa's stream-of-consciousness notes from the early reduction stages:


Path to second-half history:


Path to unmodified data (don't modify it in this directory!!!):


How to change your Mac Terminal settings so that you don't have to switch back to the terminal to hit enter repeatedly (type this in your terminal):

defaults write FocusFollowsMouse -string YES
From here:

How to reset the diesel generators when one blows a breaker:

1. Hit the "Alarm" tab
  -It will say a breaker is open

2. Hit "Ackall" (acknowledge all)
  -Error will turn blue

3. Hit "Reset"
4. Hit the "Control" tab
  -Hit "Genset" on the bottom: either generator 1 or 2
  -It's whichever generator has the little switch in the "off" position
  -Hit reset (bottom right) should turn green and turn grey again
  -Hit auto to restart the generator (may need to do this and the previous step several times)
5. Go back to the "Monitor" tab
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