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Each site can have their own directory of (selected) datasets.

Currently at Maryland, rawdata=/n/algol2/mpound/data/carma/CARMA23/rawdata

For those not at Maryland, our secret data products are [1] and you will need that secret password of course.

The nightly script, currently in $MIS/templates/n1333_nightly.csh, will run at Maryland regularly and you can find Peter's version at /n/chara6/teuben/n1333/Nightly_latest. This is actually a symlink to whatever day of the week it was run, so we might have some older versions. It currently takes about two hours to run on a 2.9GHz i7. You should make a symlink from $MIS/Nightly in order to have some scripts (e.g. do_mos1) to automatically make use of this if you don't have your own Nightly of all the 23 trials we have. E.g.

 ln -s /n/chara6/teuben/n1333/Nightly_latest  $MIS/Nightly

but you are welcome to create your own Nightly.

A secondary copy may be found in /n/algol1/teuben/n1333/Nightly_latest/

Data products from the pipeline

Inside a Nightly directory (as executed by $MIS/templates/n1333_nightly.csh) you will most likely find the following products:

  mapSD/                            directory with final single dish maps
     HCN.mean.cube                  mean from all antennas
     HCN.median.cube                median from all antennas
     HCN.resid.cube                 all channels and all telescopes

and repeated for HCO+ and N2H+. Datasize of the whole mapSD tree is about 500 MB.

Then, for the interferometric data we have:

   combined.$mol_$ary_$ants/        catenated calibrated vis data for SVS13, where:
           $mol = cont (continuum),  hcn, hco+ or n2h+
           $ary = ALL (D+E), D, or E
           $ants = ALL or LOW (only 6m and 3.5m, no 10m)

inside each of these combined* vis data you might find an example raw and deconvolved map:

    map/                             raw map from invert
    beam/                            beam (many channels, since it's a mosaic)
    cln/                             clean components
    res/                             restored map

typically, apart for a single continuum [plane, you will see line=chan,4,50,20,20 was used for the 3 molecules. Each combined* tree is about 1.5-2.5 GB.

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