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"This section should provide a plan for the overall management of the project. This should include (i) a description of the data products and data release plans, (ii) key benchmarks covering the duration of the project against which progress may be gauged, and (iii) how the project team will contribute to CARMA operations and provide regular feedback on data quality."

Descriptions of Data Products and Data Release Plans

  • 1. Fully reduced data cubes for each cloud X-months after the final track for the cloud has been observed.

Key Benchmarks

  • 1. Should have the clouds from the first semester D and E array finished before the start of the second semester's D and E array begin to observe new clouds, or similar clouds with new tracers.

Project Team Contributions to CARMA operations

  • 1. Continue helping with CARMA single-dish mode: observing overhead cost associated with going to OFF position, most effective ways to produce a good single-dish cube (10-m dishes working best for now).
  • 2. Assess pointing quality of 3.5-m, determine if they impact overhead of CARMA-23 mode due to being slow at converging during radio pointing.
  • 3. Provide "real-time" feedback on observing after each track is run to ensure things are working properly -- basically do quick reduction of data right away. We'll have to split up the responsibility to ensure that someone is always looking at the data.
  • 4. Can supply observers during D and E array while project is being run to make real-time monitoring, data reduction, and fixes more efficient.
  • 5. An improved version of the the previously used MIS pipeline, enabling multi-track data reduction in a collaborative scripting environment.
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