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"If the complete source list is not entered on the cover sheet, then a table must be included that contains the complete source list. For each source, the table should indicate the coordinates, observed frequencies, velocities, and time per configuration. The total time for the project per configuration per semester must be clearly indicated."


  • 1. Clouds list: Cloud name | Cloud sub-field | Area (sq degrees) | # Pointings | Hours (?)

Figure Ideas

  • 1. NGC 1333 integrated intensity map for each molecules
  • 2. Example spectra from 1333 for each molecules
  • 3. Mean velocity maps for each molecules
  • 4. HCO+ outflow map
  • 5. Maps of clouds we are proposing to map (Spitzer, Herschel, etc.) with areas to be mapped by CARMA outlined. Maybe have some pointings overplotted over one clouds.
  • 6. CARMA15 vs. CARMA23+single-dish from 1333?
  • 7. Our observations vs. Hao's theory


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