Preliminary Mosaic Fields

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Bolocam map of B1S (black and white) and a preliminary CARMA mosaic pattern.
The distance between the crosses is 33.185 arcsec, which should correspond to half primary beam of a 10m antenna at the frequency of the N2H+.
The rectangular box is 8' x 18' as from the proposal, and it is centered on the pointing indicated with the green diamond.
To cover the full region 552 points are required.
3 individual rectangles (can we do this?)
Ordered with rows along RA
Why so many more pointings than above?

The mosaic will comprise 531 pointings (with a Nyquist sampled hexagonal pattern). 31.9" radius for each pointing.
Covered area is 42 + 80 arcmin^2 (small + larger box), although it could be refined somewhat.
ADDED small box to the NW corner. Not included in above estimates.
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