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Important updates you need for MIRIAD to work with CLASSy MIS (Spring 2012)

Generally after the commands

   cd $MIR ; cvs update ; mirboss

the following commands (in boldface) should be used to update your MIRIAD for MIS operations:

22-apr-2012: mir.prog uvbflag  : corrected the flagval=unflag method

23-apr-2012: mir.subs var ; mir.prog uvcat  : modified bfmask is copied when selecting windows;

25-apr-2012: mir.subs var : needed another check for bfmask existence to deal with old data

25-apr-2012: mir.prog varmaps: larger max size is now 256 (from 128)

26-apr-2012: mir.prog uvbflag: a new options=one to bypass the filler problems with bfmask in original data

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