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Images and Maps

Demerese has created for comparison her own integrated maps for the continuum and all 3 molecules and placed them in /n/a2/demerese/ngc1333/ (accessible in Maryland). She has also created single-channel maps for HCN, N2H+, HCO+ for the central 150 channels, and placed these in the same public directory. Because the correlator was set differently during trial 20, there are also velocity binned maps where each velocity bin is set to the velocity resolution for the individual line (0.661 for HCN, 0.638 for N2H+, and 0.657 for HCO+).

I believe IRAS2 is the central source near 28m55s. I am not sure if the two structures to the west and east are associated with it. But they are likely outflows? A slice has been drawn in kpvslice to show the velocity structure in the next image.

  • Media:IRAS2.HCN.slice.jpg is the velocity vs. offset plot for IRAS2 and possible associated outflows (center of slice in previous image = 0 arcsec offset).

Possible things to note: emission from the triplet feature of HCN, blueshifted lobe at positive offset, redshifted lobe at negative offset, sudden large dispersion in velocity at far edge of positive offset outflow.

March 20: Here are maps that emphasize the large scale emission in N2H+. These are individual channel maps made with the 3.5 and 6-m antennas alone. The 10-m tend to be on longer baselines and they carry a lot of weight when you use system weighting. The beam for these maps is 19" x 15" -- so big. The maps include the E-array data and the D-array data through trial 3. Black contours are positive red are negative.

         * Media:N2H+low.mar21_p1.jpg
         * Media:N2H+low.mar20_p2.jpg
         * Media:N2H+low.mar20_p3.jpg

March 28 Update: Here are maps that include data through the morning of March 28. These include the preliminary reduction of all E and D array data. The maps are made with systemp weighting and robust=0.5. Positive contours are in black; negative contours in red.

         * Media:ContDE.mar28.jpg

Single dish (SD) and Interferometer (UV) maps

Here are some example maps comparing SD and UV. The SD have been extracted from median (15 antennae) filtered from trial E-11 alone (15" per pointing!!), and the UV from a combined (all 23 D+E trials) mosaic. Below are 5 representative maps, channels 80--84 in HCN alone.

These experiments are stored in /n/chara6/teuben/n1333/ch80-84. The header items (e.g. Jy/Beam) for the SD map is of course wrong, but all channels were preserved. For the UV cube only 5 channels were deconvolved, in the combined.hcn_ALL_ALL/res cube. This cube was created with the MIS command:

   do_mos1 line2=chan,5,80,1,1

whereas the SD are standard pipeline output.The median of medians isn't pretty enough to use, hence the SD map from E-11.

April 5, 2011: final mean and median (now basically identical) SD maps are updated in mapSD during the Nightly.

Single Dish Spectra

April 4, 2011: Here are some example spectra from the median filters SD cubes over all observations. The units are approximate -- we need to account for efficiency and other factors. In reality, we will scale the SD data to be compatable with the interferometer data on the overlapping uv spacings.... test the result in channels with compact emission.

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