L1451 Trial 1SLEb Flags

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2013-07-26             c0924V.2E_88B1E.SL.1    4.2    B+
                                NODE_NOT_FOUND[ Sat Jul 27 17:13:02 2013 UT ] BAM : C7,C14,C17 Out,
                                                               C1,C20 bad, C16 bad partway through.  Mediocre
                                                               weather.  74% charge for missing antennas, -0.5
                                                               hrs for loss of C16 partway through.
2013-07-26             c0924V.2E_88B1E.WB.1    6.3     C
                                NODE_NOT_FOUND[ Sat Jul 27 17:14:07 2013 UT ] BAM : C1 bad, C7 out.
                                                               Mediocre weather.


1. c0924V trial SL.1: Very poor track, and data could not be calibrated. The real-time page hints that something is very odd, 
particularly with the bandpass solutions: http://cedarflat.mmarray.org/gains/results/c0924V/2E_88B1E.SL.1/. 
I see huge wraps across the 500 MHz bandpass for most baselines ... though some baselines just look like noisy  
scatter as opposed to wrapping. C1,7,14,17,20 were out or bad to begin with. Then C3,4 have no coherence. 
 Summary: requesting we be charged 0 hrs for this track ... not too worried about problems, since the next track looked much better.
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