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2010 LMA Summer Internships

  • Karina Alvarez : proto-planetary disks in binary systems (Hannah, Peter)

Karina, together with Hannah, have presented a poster Planetary Formation in Binary Systems at NCADW-III last month. She is also working on understanding properties of pure N-body disks around a heavy star, perhaps expanding this to SPH disks. Here are some links to her work:

  • Alex Contreras : high-Z gas (Alberto)

Alex is analyzing GBT data. His webpage is

  • Santiago Cortes: CARMA web pages (Peter)

Santiago is working on the CARMA web pages ( as well as the CedarFlat ( webpages. For this we have a local working copy , maintained under CVS, in his own public area: A better scheme for organizing pictures, a new picture of the day, and a new CARMA Higlights section from the sidebar have been worked on.

  • Chester Lam : Finding gas clumps in interstellar space (Eve, Lee, Marc)

Chester is studying algorithms how to best identify clumps in 2D/3D maps/cubes. His report is here:

  • Dalton Wu : Updated Carma Correlator tool (CGS) (Marc)

Dalton is working on the CARMA Correlator Graphical Setup tool (, fixing a few old deficiencies and adding new functionality for the new correlator. Dalton's working version where you test out his greatest latest is here: . His other material is on his home page . Dalton's 8-17-10 presentation:

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