Fedora 9 casa install

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Here are some notes from CASA support in Miriad.

Lots of minor issues on the first attempt, the obvious ones can be fixed with standard yum, e.g.

  • qwt (claims to need 5.1.1, but 5.0.2 ok?)
  • lapack & blas
  • cfitsio
  • xerces-c

Below $c refers to the root directory where casainit.(c)sh lives. An easy to forget issue is that you can install casacore with or without $CASAPATH present, and this can be confusing to the dependancies, e.g. once time when qt was updated some of the moc files were not removed and moc didn't like the old ones.

Here are some harder ones I am in the middle of:

  • cpgplot.h : pgplot doesn't come with that, used NEMO's install script and placed in $c/code/include (although that directory has only convenience symlinks)
  • pgplot: although NEMO's pgplot.install script was used, fortran compiler is g77, and makedefs might need to be changed, unless we prefer gfortran now. I installed it within casa
  • pgsbox: this comes from wcslib (I used 4.3.1), but installing it within casa appears cumbersome, installing libwcs simple, but libpgsbox is more involved
  • std::time not valid, neither is iostream.h : SOLVED: another g++ 4.3.0 issue, went away with 4.2.2
  • fftw: some issuu remaining, though i have installed fftw2 and fftw (v3)
  • compiling asdmCasaSaxHandler runs out of memory? 2GB not even enough? SOLVED: ok with 4.2.2, but fails in 4.3.0
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